The Kiberman principles


Kiberman exists in order to:

(1) build an international chain of marketing consultants,

(2) constantly invest in research and development,

(3) attract as franchisees the ablest and most ambitious entrepreneurs,

(4) induce its franchisees to offer the best consulting services,

(5) which will lead to increased profit, personal development and overall prosperity

(6) of Kiberman customers, franchisees, employees and investors,

(7) through honesty, a positive attitude and a drive toward perfection at all times.

Our company follows the Kiberman principles and all our actions flow from them. These are not the usual company Mission and Vision cliches that are as easily forgotten as they are written. We follow the Kiberman principles every time we need to decide or make an important choice. Which franchisee candidate to pick? Should we distribute profit or reinvest it? How do we deal with customer complaints? In answering these questions we base our decision on the Kiberman principles.