Your customers are not likely to buy anything from you or avail themselves of your services if they cannot locate you. Don’t wait for them to reach you, go to them instead! Here is a summary of our main services thanks to which you will find new customers, your site will come up first in Google searches, and you will gain a new clientele and will improve your online reputation. Your business requires it.

1. Website creation – a site that is relevant to the image and positioning of your business

In order to be successful, your site must stand apart from the competition and display information in a clear and concise manner. That is why before we draft and set up your site we take time to study your branch of business as a whole.

2. Optimization – at the very top in Google

We can increase the number of hits on your site many times over by taking it to the top of Google search results when using certain keywords in Google and other browsers. This process is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is the result of a tried and tested system of over 30 methods.

3. Online Stores - building and maintenance

At present, e-commerce makes daily gains in popularity. Countless consumers already avail themselves of the benefits of online shopping. More and more companies and entrepreneurs develop online stores as a comfortable and effective method of reaching new customers.  Online stores are functional and easy to operate and allow you to go into business immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

4. Blogs – installing and configuring

Blogs provide additional firepower in the online war for customers and are often used as a cheap alternative to websites. They are the preferred option of small business owners who often lack the time to master HTML and cannot afford to hire a web designer or a programmer. If you are one such person then blogging can provide an accessible way to enter the internet community and present your products or services.

5. Online Advertising

Traditional methods of paid advertising remain the most powerful tool in attracting clients online. They are however quite expensive. We can help by organizing campaigns involving the placement of banners in websites either connected to your business or visited by potential clients. Advertising in Facebook and Google sponsored links may also be useful.

6. Online Reputation

Building and managing an online reputation is done with view of achieving, stabilizing and maintaining a positive customer attitude toward your products and services. Potential clients will be more willing to trust you if they have already read positive online testimonials about your work.

7. Facebook and other social networks

Your customers spend much of their time logged in social networks. They use them to entertain themselves, to exchange information and to discuss a wide array of topics. Creating a company page in the social networks will bring consumers up to date with your products and/or services through discussions, text and visual material and so on. Social network visibility enhances brand recognition and will help establish a ‘circle of trust’ around your company.

8. Unorthodox Online Advertisements

Keep in mind that customers devote most of their online time to entertainment. Various online games and original banners can serve a purpose in building a relationship of emotion and trust between customer and provider.

10. Consultations

At every step of the way, Kiberman can assist you in attracting customers online and spanning the entire marketing spectrum from claiming a trademark to the offline popularization of your site and your business as a whole.

Other services

Kiberman offers the entire range of internet advertising services: AdWords and pay-per-click campaigns, setting up of CMS and CRM, e-mail and viral marketing, analysis of visits and keywords, affiliate programs, banner design, media planning and purchasing, installing counters and feedback forms, buying domain and hosting, linkbuilding, logo and website design, mobile applications, creating and mailing newsletters and press releases, online games, setting up a forum. Kiberman organizes training in internet marketing techniques and offers consulting services for the improvement and growth of your online business model.

Contact our consultants to find out which ways of attracting clients are most appropriate for your business – free of charge!