Start your own business as a Kiberman franchisee

It is a business that requires minimal initial investment.

It is a business that needs no office space and saves on associated costs.

It is a business you could start in a matter of days.

It is a business that will not require you to quit your job or other pursuits.

It is a business with an enormous pool of potential clients – everyone who wants to sell more and earn money using the Internet.

The Kiberman franchise enables you to develop your own business as Internet marketing consultant. The Internet is the only media experiencing significant growth and opportunities for profit are correspondingly high. Internet-based business grown globally and companies, entrepreneurs, government institutions, public organizations and prominent individuals will grow ever more dependent on it.

Do I need experience?

No. Your energy, persistence and drive will carry the day. The initial fee will cover training that will turn you into a competent Internet marketing consultant. You will offer priceless help to your clients in the areas of web promotion, SEO optimization for Google and other search engines, building an online reputation, e-mail marketing, attracting customers from the social networks etc. You will not need to spend money beyond the initial fee.

Business of the future

Online advertising costs are lower than those incurred in traditional media with the added advantage of targeted reach of market niches and even individual consumers. That is why online advertising enjoys its current levels of popularity which seems to grow further. More and more people shop online, spend time in social networks and use online sources of information instead of traditional media. It appears that the Internet is the place where people will communicate and live in the future.

Who are my customers?

Locating and consulting companies and entrepreneurs who would like to win customers for their business via the Internet is what you will be benefitting from as a Kiberman franchise partner. Your clients will come from a list of over 1000 commercial enterprises and we will provide you with a list of contacts for your territory; every single producer, importer, distributor, industrial plant, hotel, store, media, restaurant, private medical practice, real estate agency, maintenance service companies and so on. You will not need to do any of the programming, design, and link creation yourself. We will choose the subcontractors to do the job for you.

What do I get and what do I owe?

As part of the Kiberman franchise system you will be getting in-depth practical training on all aspects of Internet marketing, sales techniques, and exclusive territorial representation as our only distributor over a given region. You will pay a monthly franchise fee covering exclusive rights, trademark use, nation-wide advertising and centralized help. The fee amounts to 6 percent of your turnover but not less than a fixed sum that grows over the remaining period of a five-year contract. There is a six month grace period for the franchise fee after we agree to work together.

The international network of Internet marketing consultants

Kiberman aims to build an international network of Internet marketing consultants. Large chains are able to suppress competition from independent entrepreneurs because of economies of scale in pricing and the ability to introduce new products and services faster. They can also afford to invest in brand development and recognition. We believe it is better for you to begin your business as part of a chain than on your own.

The future of online advertising globally

According to, over the past five years the volume of Internet advertising in the US is rising by 5 billion dollars annually and is expected to reach the impressive 41 billion by the end of this year.

Worldwide, online advertising ranks third in revenue after television and print. A Forrester study cited by the BBC shows that the annual turnover of online advertising in Europe will reach 12 billion euro in 2012 – twice as much as in 2006 - which will take its market share to 18 percent.  Advertising spending in Russia grew by 5 percent to 46 billion rubles (1.53 billion dollars) in the first quarter of last year, according to Bloomberg. Internet media in Russia experienced a 31 percent jump in revenue, the local Association of Communication Agencies says. The same study claims that 53 percent of people are online regularly and prefer the Internet to television.

According to the growth in Internet use over the last ten years globally is 444.8% In spite of this, a mere 28.7% of people worldwide have Internet access. There are clear indications that this phenomenal growth is set to continue.

How do I apply?

The Price of the Master Franchise (Regional Development Agent) is from 20 000 € to 100 000 €, depending on the population of the country and the Master Franchise (Regional Development Agent) must invest an additional 8 000 € in advertising expenses.

Gaining the Master Franchise (Regional Development Agent) of Kiberman you will be getting 50% of the initial fee of new franchisees and 60% of their monthly fees too. In exchange for that you will coordinate the chain’s work, you will manage the marketing budget and will assist franchisees through training, motivation and business consulting.

The Price of an Individual Franchise is 15 000 €, and monthly fees amount to 6% of turnover but not less than 300 euro after the 6th month. 2% of the turnover is a marketing fund contribution managed by the Regional Development Agent. The term of the contract is 5 years and there are no associated costs.

Contact us on If you are interested, we will send you a test form. Only short-listed candidates will be invited to a face-to-face or video-link interview.



Initial fee: 15 000 euro
Monthly royalties: 6% of the turnover but not less than 300 euro after the 6th month
Contribution to the Marketing Fund: 2% of the turnover

Additional investment: N/A
Term of contract: 5 years



Initial fee: from 20 000 to 100 000 euro

Additional investment: 8000 euro in promotional expenses

Master Franchise (Regional Development Agent) receives 50% of the initial fee of new franchisees and 60% of their monthly fees
Term of contract: 7 years


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