1. What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing, also know as online marketing or e-marketing, is one way of promoting goods and services via the internet. This involves a number of strategies:

• SEO – search engine optimization
• E-mail marketing
• Affiliate marketing
• Banner advertizing
• AdWords and other forms of pay-per-click advertising
• Viral marketing
• Profile, posting and advertising in forums and social networks

Nevertheless, your site remains the main conduit for gaining clients on the internet.

2. What must my site look like in order to attract clients?

Your site must be in tune with your online audience as well as the specific line of business it was created to promote. If it loads up quickly, if the information it features is easily navigable, exhaustive and to the point, people will find it preferable to a site overloaded with text, photos, buttons and links. Users will not go in to study your site in detail and write a thesis about it! If you want to be successful in online marketing, your site must spur them to action – ‘buy’, ‘click’, ‘fill out’, ‘win’. Tell them what you want them to do or they will leave as quickly as they entered it.

3. Will it help my business if I look for customers online?

Online customers are the most discerning out there. They really know what they are looking for. They take the trouble to research products and alternative sources before they come to you. Of course, in order to come to you they must find you first. It is your job to familiarize them with your products, to convince them of your competitive advantage and to direct them to your site. The better you do that (using various methods such as having a site, supporting it through SEO optimization, company catalog registration, corporate blogging, social network profiling, AdWords etc), the more and better informed clients you will find! More and more companies do all that because we now know that online enquiries lead to a greater number of deals than the ones triggered by traditional advertising. Still, bear in mind that the process of decision making when making a purchase is different for different businesses. People select their accountant and their locksmith according to different criteria. Book keeping and personal finance presuppose a high level of mutual trust and long term cooperation, whereas finding a locksmith is usually dictated by force majeure circumstances and the choice is oftentimes guided by price. In the former case a customer will likely do a thorough research on you on the internet whereas in the second it may be enough that your site comes up in a top position when doing a Google search  and that the contact telephone number is easy to find.

4. How do I budget in order to attract internet customers?

It depends on your product, what your target clientele is, how your competitors behave and what volume of sales you envisage. The first step for most small businesses is  using AdWords and that only costs a few dollars a day.

5. How many customers will I get from online advertising?

Bill Bernbach once said, ‘It’s not true there is no bad advertising. If you promote a bad product, you will end up with many more people being aware that it is bad!’ Online advertising can attract a lot of people to you, but you will not win them over, unless: they are impressed by your site’s pictures and info; they have some use for what you are offering;  your product is of sufficiently high quality and it is easily reachable by customers; your service is not substandard etc. That is why you must look upon online marketing as part of your overall marketing mix.

6. What difference does it make if I turn up first or twenty-first in Google search results?

If you don’t come up at the top placed results your customers may never find you. Statistics show that 80% of users only look at the first page of results in the browser they happen to be using, and 15%, at the first two pages. In other words, the lower down the scale you appear, the less likely it is that you will encounter potential clients.

6. How much will it cost to come up first in Google?

The top rank is not for sale! The only way you can get there is after you invest considerable effort in optimizing your site (SEO). The factors that influence a good result are too many to list here, but among the main ones are your site’s size and structure, regular updates, the number of keywords and links leading to it, the behavior of the competition etc. In any case any effort you invest in optimizing your site will bring you manifold returns in terms of visits, and if you also happen to be making a good business proposition, a good return on sales too.

Each business is unique and so is every site! That is why each requires an individual approach, specific work and tailored additional investment.

Good results, particularly for a new site, come only after systematic effort. Coming up on top in the search engines results list requires a lot of effort. This may mean preparing additional texts several times a month, creating and maintaining links to the site, optimizing links and content. Advertizing will improve your rating too. How old your site is, hosting, and the frequency of keywords will also make a difference.

Win customers immediately!

In the process of working together we will provide free advice on ways to attract clients through advertizing and direct mailing.

7. Why is it advisable to advertize in social networks?

The days when Facebook and Twitter provided refuge for bored teenagers are long gone. At present, they are the arena where solvent adults meet, spend time and exchange information. Social networks can be invaluable in the promotion of your business and the formation of ‘fan club’ of your brand. Don’t forget that people go on the net looking for entertainment. It will be easier to win them over, if you give them a good time rather than bombard them with boring ‘special offers’.