Web design

Yes, your site can be put together by your neighbors’ son!

He would hardly be aware of the things you will need to win customer support on the internet though. Here is a small sample:

In order to attain first-page visibility on Google you’d need your site to be created by someone with good knowledge of SEO. Besides, if you want to benefit from the internet – be it earning money, winning over customers or gaining influence – you must call visitors to action. Last but not least, design, color schemes, typeface and sundries must set you apart from the competition and enhance your image.

Website pages must not be weighty (especially the front one). That way they will load up quickly which in turn will enhance their rating with browsers. It is important that information is easily accessible - ideally, not more than two clicks away.

Will your website take into account different browser versions so that it loads up without glitches? Will the construction method allow quick and easy editing?

You can add marketing value to your site by bundling into it RSS, contact forms, orders and newsletter subscription, fav icon, location map for your office/store etc. Don’t forget customer testimonials. People really believe them!

The main phases a new website goes through in the process of its creation are: creating a structure, compiling texts, design, and HTML code programming and testing. Kiberman can help you at every step of the way.

When your site is up and running you will have to maintain it: add new information, analyze traffic to it etc. Those are hardly tasks to be entrusted to a freelancer, who may decide to leave abruptly or may find him/herself engaged in something more involving than your website.