Usability is the degree to which a product can be utilized for the purposes of achieving a certain goal effectively and satisfactorily in a given context. Usability is certified with the ISO 9241-11 standard.

Simply put, usability means that if you are familiar with the ways in which consumers approach virtual space you can build a site that is of great benefit to them. In other words you can tailor your online behavior and the content of your site to the search and navigation habits of users.

This involves a wide array of questions: how to describe and classify your products, how to encourage consumers to return to your site, how best to arrange the internal links of your site so that consumers can find their way around it easily, how do consumers search for things online, how do they react to search results and how to win and keep their trust?

Ask yourselves:
Why do people visit internet pages?
What do they do there?
Why do they leave?

If you know the answers to these questions, you will be able to
- Create a site that consumers find intuitive
- Present information clearly and concisely
- Put first things first