Online Reputation

Your customers believe your online reputation far more than they believe your ads!

That is why it is extremely important for you to study your internet profile and to eliminate unwanted information while simultaneously popularizing existing favorable online testimonials and creating an overall positive image for yourself.

Managing your online reputation includes a wide variety of measures: participation in blogs, forums and social networks, creating profiles, commissioning journalistic pieces, immediate reaction to negative publications, winning over influential journalists and bloggers through gifts, and so on. Contacting site administrators and asking them to remove unfavorable content is a more direct approach.

The market for online reputation management grows annually as companies, public figures and political parties avail themselves of its services. The importance of this industry was recognized by the World Economic Forum which pronounced, a prominent company in the field, a 2011 Technological Pioneer.

The tremendous importance of online reputation was demonstrated further by a 2009 Microsoft study. According to its findings 79 percent of US managers use the internet to ‘spy’ on job candidates, while 70 percent admit that information gleaned in such a way was decisive in their decision to reject job applications.