SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If your site comes up on top of the search result in the browser, this may increase interest in and traffic to it many times over. That is what the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) function is designed for.

There are two main types of presence your site may have in the internet browsers. One is the free-of-charge, ‘natural’ ranking. The second is ranking achieved though the payment of a fee, whereby you would most likely be charged for every click that has taken a searcher to your site (Pay-per-click). Optimization helps you achieve top rank in the ‘natural’, free-of-charge way. Kiberman has a long history of bringing a number of sites to the top spot and/or first page of the Google browser. We are happy to answer all enquiries about this method and its application to your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a one-off activity but rather a process. It involves a number of operations enabling the browser to discover and index your site easily following certain keywords. Your internet presence depends on upwards of 30 factors that must be managed over time. One of the most important ones is the regular (preferably, weekly) update of the information on your website. Unfortunately, there is no such thing a completely optimized site!

When you are choosing a company to help you optimize your web presence, make sure it is not using ‘black’ SEO methods! Black hat or ‘black’ SEO is the use of site optimization techniques that try to cheat the browser and to attain a sharp increase in popularity at their expense. In doing that you ruin the risk of incurring penalties such as having your rating lowered or being thrown out of search results for a few months.

Choose Kiberman for your website optimization, because apart from the quality guarantee that comes with our service we will train you so that in future you can perform all necessary tasks independently.