Google AdWords

Pay-per-click (PPC) is the type of internet advertising where one pays for the number of clicks on a given ad and not for the length or duration of exposure.

The most popular kind of pay-per-click advertising is AdWords. It takes the form of sponsored links on the Google browser and it appears above or to the right of the initial search results. AdWords is among the easiest and quickest ways of attracting clients to one’s site. It is especially useful for newly developed sites, and using it achieves a ‘natural’, free-of-charge top rank, on the first page or even a first available result status on the Google browser.

Many of our customers following a variety of business models have used AdWords to great effect, though obviously if you are in the business of building freeways, your customers are not going to track you down via Google, so you’d do well to spare yourselves the AdWords expense.

You would do well to test the effectiveness of the AdWords in attracting customers to your site by initiating a campaign worth relatively little, maybe a few dollars a day. You can pay for your campaigns in any way you choose but we recommend using a credit card. After you register, you must enter the keywords you expect your customers will use to track you down and then start your new campaign. Fine tuning the settings is not hard but should you face difficulties call us and we will help you out.

Using AdWords in Google allows you to preselect the maximum value per click for every individual keyword, to determine at what time and when your advertisement must appear and in which cities and regions, etc.