Before you decide who to entrust with the SEO optimization of you site, consider the following preconditions for fruitful partnership:

1. Achievements. Ask not merely who this SEO company’s clients are but what results they have achieved in their work, like Google rating, incoming traffic size and financial results. Just because you’ve worked for Nokia doesn’t mean you’ve got the results.

2. References. It may sound a little strange but don’t bother with them! It is highly unlikely that anyone will give anyone a bad reference but even if they did, you won’t get to read it. So why bother with references in the first place? Well, at least you will know if this SEO company has clients at all and whether it took the trouble to ask them for references in the first place. Aside from that references are not much use unless you call SFO clients directly and get them to speak of their experiences.

3. Staff. It is likelier that you will get a better guarantee on the result of SEO optimization if the company you decide to hire has more than one person working for it, and then only in his spare time. You can not know how long this person will be ‘in business’.

4. Price. Cheap does not pay. Remember all those instance when you went for the cheapest option and ended up paying twice. SEO optimization is not like buying socks. If you buy low quality socks, you end up with low quality socks. If you pay for a low quality SEO service you have nothing!

5. Openness. Know what the SEO will do for your site. Avoid ‘black box’ type of companies where you simply order a service and deposit money on the strength of a promise. If they don’t tell you what they are doing, they either are doing nothing, or they are doing something they shouldn’t be doing. How can you be sure, for instance, that the result they are achieving for your site isn’t due to ‘black’ SEO techniques? If it is, you may be penalized by the browsers.

6. Content. You certainly need links to your site but links and content are like yin and yang of SEO optimization. Can the company you intend to work with ensure that you regularly receive professional and SEO-literate texts?

7. Training. Will your SEO provider teach you everything you need to know about optimization? Will it train you so that you are bale to maintain your site independently?
8. Guarantees. Ask that your choice of SEO optimization partner provides guarantees for their work and that your rating and traffic targets will be met. Understand the consequences of a possible contract termination.

9. Individual approach. Different sites need tailor-made solutions because they face differing competitive challenges and have divergent structure and histories. They also target different groups of consumers. Does your SEO partner understand the uniqueness of your site? Can he offer you anything other than standard online solutions?

10. Business. SEO optimization is not an end in itself but part of a holistic strategy of online marketing. Can your SEO provider advise you on developing your business model, its content and marketing on the internet? Without all that you cannot hope to achieve stable long term results – more visits, high browser rating and increased sales.