1. AdWords

Sponsored links in Google that appear on top and to the right of the search results. They have a proven beneficial effect in promoting various businesses. With Google AdWords you pay for the number of clicks site visitors perform on the ad rather than for showing it.

2. Viral marketing

Upload entertaining news, pictures and video and share on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and so on. The goal is to get people to share them further and thus popularize your brand for free.

3. Newsletter

Mail regularly useful, interesting and free information to the widest possible group of recipients. Make subscription possible at least once a month but do not forget to include an ‘unsubscribe’ button at the end of the message. Direct mailing to recipients, who are not subscribed to your newsletter may bring you clients but it will also be perceived as spam and will inevitably have negative consequences. If you insist on direct mail, only send out invitations to subscribe.

4.  Incoming links

Add your site to internet catalogues (directories) and friendly sites. Visits will increase and visibility in browser searches will improve

5. SEO optimization

SEO optimization will affect your rating alongside incoming links and over 30 other factors. Sometimes it takes in excess of a year to get results that way.

6. Social networks

Make sure you are present in forums and blogs, get involved in discussion groups relevant to your business. It is not enough to read people’s posts. Be active – discuss and initiate discussions.

7. Blog

Add one to your site and contribute to it at least once a week, preferably twice. That way you supply visitor with useful info and maintain good contact with them. Regular updating is crucial to your Google rating too!

8. Testimonials

Upload onto your site testimonials from happy customers. People believe people, not ads!

9. Call to action

Tell people what to do and stimulate them to do it immediately. ‘Drink Coca-Cola!’ is the most successful slogan of all time, whatever that tells us about human nature.

10. Banners

The most obvious and expensive way to advertize. Even if you are on restricted budget you can still place banners on the sites of your partners, clients and friends. Here the magic word is barter!